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Investment Accelerator - Grant & Investment Competition Briefing (Infrastructure Systems and Health & Life Sciences)

St Paul's, London, United Kingdom
UK businesses can apply for a share of £8.5m to fund feasibility studies in infrastructure systems or health and life sciences


This is a pilot programme for Innovate UK. It provides simultaneous grant funding and venture capital investment for early stage projects led by UK companies.

This briefing event will be an opportunity to learn more about the competition scope, process & eligibility, project costs/finances and how to apply.

Not able to attend in person? This event will be available online. Click here to register for the webcast.

Up to £3m of grant funding and £1.25m of private equity investment is available for projects related to infrastructure systems. This includes ‘smart’ infrastructure, energy, urban living and connected transport.

Up to £3m of grant funding and £1.25m of private equity investment is available for projects related to health and life sciences. This includes health, agriculture and biosciences.

We expect projects to have total costs of up to £150,000. The programme will provide 100% of project costs. Projects should last between 3 and 12 months.

The competition is open to single SMEs who are looking for early stage grant funding and who wish to establish an equity relationship with a UK venture capital firm.

Investor partners and their interests for this competition are listed below.


  • The competition opens on 8 May 2017.
  • You must register before midday on 28 June 2017.
  • You must apply before midday on 5 July 2017.




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