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SBRI funding competition: business productivity portal


Innovate UK is to invest up to £500,000 to develop solutions that provide businesses with access to information on improving productivity. These solutions will help businesses at all levels - leaders, management and employees - access new opportunities to improve productivity levels where they work.


Innovate UK are looking for proposals for feasibility studies on the:

  • technical solution
  • commercialisation plan for taking the solution into the market
  • possible commercial models


They are looking for solutions that will:

  • enable businesses to confidently simulate the benefits of opportunities to improve business productivity in a safe environment
  • provide businesses with trustworthy information on the most impactful opportunities and the size of their benefits
  • provide users with a strong incentive to act
  • help to de-risk the business case for adopting improvements
  • be free-to-use
  • adopt a commercial model that is fair to the suppliers of business productivity improvements


Innovate UK will fund feasibility studies on proposed solutions.

They expect projects to last up to 4 months and to finish by Friday 30 March 2018.

For further information, eligibility, scope, dates and how to apply please visit the Innovate UK website here